Happy Birthday Mr. Punch


The largest ever gathering of ‘Professors’

Saturday May 12th 2012 saw the public launch of The Big Grin right on the very spot where Samuel Pepys first saw a puppet called ‘Punch’ in 1662.

The Greatest Punch and Judy Show on Earth was joined by rowdy puppet relatives Pulcinella from Naples, Gasparko from Slovakia, Jan Klaasen from the Netherlands and Polichinelle from France.

The UK ‘Professors’ performed alongside colleagues from Japan, South Africa, America and Australia.

Earlier in the week Mr. Punch was awarded a Guinness Worlds Records title as part of World Record London. It was accepted by the Big Grin team on behalf of all performers past and present who have played their part in keeping the tradition alive.

The crowds and cameras thronged to the party and the rainclouds were chased away by perfect sunshine for the birthday weekend.

The Big Grin film crew was also on hand to capture the atmosphere with cameras backstage, in the crowd and overlooking the action.  It’s all recorded in ‘Celebrating Mr. Punch: The Big Grin Book’ and ‘The Big Grin Collection’ triple DVD. Both are available for sale here.

Next, Mr. Punch took his 50 metre long string of 350 birthday sausages on the road for more celebrations. Check out the Gallery page.