Punch’s past


Check out, too,  Pitches from the Past  a new site mixing historic Punch & Judy images and current photos. It’s a work in progress and a fascinating glimpse of Punch’s footsteps revealed today.

Meanwhile its enterprising creator has also launched an online ‘art gallery‘ with an  Exhibition of Punch & Judy bringing together many paintings which feature the show.

And for a look at Punch’s last Big Birthday (when he turned 325) you can turn the clock back below to 1987 and be ‘As Pleased as Punch’.

If you’re looking right now for a brief history of Mr. Punch take a look at PuppetLink’s previous project Carry On Punch and Judy which is hosted on the site of The Punch and Judy College of Professors.

Later in the year The Big Grin site will carry all this information plus much more including downloadable material for fun, for schools, and for anyone interested in learning more about Punch and Judy.